You will find a variety or travel trailers by KZ at Wilder RV. No matter what your needs for size and amenities are we are sure to have the perfect travel trailer. Here is a quick rundown of the KZ travel trailers you will find at Wilder RV.

KZ Travel Trailers

There are a lot of travel trailer makers to choose from today. One of the premier makers that provides stylish and high quality travel trailers is KZ. The company is a market leader in making exceptional travel trailers and you can find a terrific variety at Wilder RV.

There are several categories of travels trailers offered by KZ. Here is a list of travel trailers available:

Sportsmen Classic - This travel trailer offers timeless simplicity. This trailer provides all the essentials in a small package. It comes in 21 floor plans, which ranges from 13 feet 19 inches to 27 feet 3 inches. It also weighs 1,942 pounds.

Spree Escape - The KZ Spree Escape allows you to enjoy a perfect weekend. This lightweight trailer can accommodate up to 7 people. It also comes with elegant interiors. There are also added features of the Spree Escape that include radio, A/C, spare tire, tinted windows, and diamond plated rock guard. This can be towed with a minivan, and this comes with 20 floor plans, which ranges from sizes 16 feet to 27 feet 3 inches and 2,200 pounds of weight. 

Sportsmen Show Stopper - Sportsmen Show Stopper is a good option if you are looking for quality, innovation, and value in one package. This is available in 7 floor plans and measures 26 feet 6 inches to 33 feet 6 inches.

Spree - This is a lightweight travel trailer, which is spacious, classy, and comfortable. This travel trailer is available in 16 floor plans and measures from 24 feet 6 inches to 36 feet to 6 inches.